CeCe Sammy Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching is about improving your vocal skills on every level. 

Whether you are a professional singer, actor, TV/radio presenter or someone who gives presentations as part of your profession (politician, lawyer, businessperson etc.)

Taking vocal, speech, or dialect coaching has immense benefits. 

The power of the voice is a hugely underestimated tool compared to other common aspects of presentational training that are focused on and are less impactful.

I pride myself on the training I offer, which is not run-of-the-mill. I tailor my approach to the needs of the individual:

  • Vocal Assessment
  • Vocal Technique
  • Vocal Performance
  • Visual Performance

Vocal Assessment

Your lesson will be bespoke, where I will assess you at the beginning and evaluate what you will need based on where your capabilities currently stand. We will discuss any concerns and vocal coaching achievements you would like to achieve in your vocal sessions, allowing us to maximize the results from each session. It is my priority to help you enjoy the overall experience

Vocal Technique & Performance

Unlike general theoretical warm-up exercises and breathing techniques that aren't applicable in practice – my vocal coaching style is about developing a method specific to your voice. In effect, this approach is to help you find your voice and maintain your voice's brand, vocal delivery, and performance.

Visual Perfomance

This session is about exploring, creating or developing your brand so that when you speak or sing, people can immediately understand the message you are seeking to convey, not just in sound but as a complete package.

Vocal Coaching Courses

Debating & Public Speaking

These sessions primarily involve vocal exercises, assessment and coaching. I will empower your projection, articulation, breathing, and breath control for everyday life or speaking to a crowd. I will show you how to improve the strength and sound of your voice, ensuring the longevity of your speaking voice. I will help you develop a strong understanding of your voice – learning to eliminate any breaks, cracks, nerves or straining when speaking to others.

Vocal Coaching for Students

My team and I partner with schools, organisations, and individuals to create a series of “edutainment” vocal coaching that enriches and complements existing music programmes within schools. This type of coaching will bring “real world” knowledge into the schools. Students will gain insight, interact with industry professionals to learn their methods, and gain tools applicable to the industry.

Celebrities Vocal Coaching

[Exclusive Access] Since the celebrity clients I have span the pop music world, television and film, these lessons are private – names or photos will not be published unless requested. Established artists, this session includes vocal coaching and broader life/career coaching. I often assist celebrities at a new stage in their career or those that want to re-brand, requiring a careful and sensitive transition.

Musical Therapy Technique

I partnered with psychologist Dr Kairen Cullen to share some easy-to-follow tips on how people can use music to improve their well-being during the pandemic.

Audition Coaching

This coaching session mainly involves role-play and shortened versions of performance pieces. We will focus on maximising quality through a laser focus on specifics – finding ways to show off the talent and optimise performance in a short space of time.

Performance Coaching

We will focus on drawing the different aspects of performance together into a show, covering how to keep the audience interested in what and who your brand is while performing. This practical lesson covers vocals, speech, and movement within your performance. Additionally, I will detail how to tour, market, promote, and get digital social media as an interactive layer to your performance.

Musical Theatre & Acting

These sessions primarily involve vocal exercises, assessment and coaching that will enable you to optimise your voice for big stages and smaller venues. You will learn flexibility and practice each character while developing your understanding of the details of the show’s history. I will help with your projection and articulation – speech, singing, breathing, and breath control in everyday life and performances.

Vocal Coaching for Corporates

Utilising a combination of crucial lessons and custom training developed over decades of performance coaching, my team and I run experiential workshop sessions for public speaking and presenting with individuals or groups. I operate on the premise that we are all orators and that each presentation or public speaking engagement is, at its core, a performance.

Questions you might be asking yourself

1. Who needs a vocal coach?

Everyone can benefit from a vocal coach. In fact, people from all walks of life can be taught by a vocal coach how to improve and feel more comfortable with their everyday speaking sound, as well as developing and nurturing a singing voice.


2. What is the difference between vocal coaching and voice teaching?

A singing teacher can teach people how to sing along to a song and sing in tune. A vocal coach can train individuals to sing and in addition, will teach advanced technique, bespoke vocal performance and promote healthy vocal practices.


3. Why would someone who is not a singer benefit from a vocal coach?

Our voice is not just about entertainment. It is about communication and it can be powerful. Whether you are a politician, a lawyer or a businessperson who needs to present, you need to maximise your ability to convey messages, persuade and impress. Our voice is key to these skills and if you learn to control it, you can unlock the opportunities.


4. Do all singers have a vocal coach?

Not all singers have a vocal coach, particularly not nowadays when there are increasingly sophisticated ways of filtering sound through the use of technology. However, lack of practice, knowledge and vocal control will result in a generation of artists with less understanding and performance charisma and more liability to hurt their voices.


5. What to expect from a vocal coach?

  • Someone who specialises in one technique or multiple techniques
  • The ability to use their own voice as an example as well as using words and images
  • Working towards targets and delivering on time


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