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I am a classically trained musician and one of the world’s leading vocal and performance coaches.

I have worked with artists and actors from the BBC, Paramount, Warner Bros and Universal.

Starting my career as a backing singer for Diana Ross, I followed my passion for creativity coaching, as I believe it has the power to improve anyone’s life.

As a creativity coach, a patron of the arts, and a champion of young people, I want every person to know that knowledge is power.

No matter your age, what background you come from or what obstacles you face.

I was born in Trinidad, home to the biggest Caribbean carnival and soca music. I grew up obsessed with Classical music after watching piano impresario Liberace, who I considered my first creativity coach, performing on TV.

I saw him in these gorgeous outfits, wearing diamond rings, and a massive smile as he played the most beautiful music. I thought, “that’s what I want to do!” So I started listening to classical music and learning piano every day even though all my friends were outside playing.

My Story

My Creativity Vocal Coaching Journey

At the age of 14, I moved to London with my mother and sister to pursue my passion and where my creativity coach journey began at the London College of Music.

I still believe very much in my mother’s philosophy of doing things properly and with pride. My mother always said, “I don’t mind what you want to do in life, but whatever you become, be brilliant.” Education was paramount in my life and I am constantly aware of how lucky I was to have a parent who believed in me and pushed me to excellence.

Creativity Is For Everyone

From my perspective as a creativity vocal coach, I believe that creativity, as general term, can be misunderstood. It does not have to mean that somebody is artistic or naturally gifted in art subjects but It can also be about a shift of energy.

Even someone working in finance, retail or manual labour has creativity inside them and, what’s more, I think creativity is essential and should never be ignored. It doesn’t matter what kind of family you come from, we all need creativity.

My Creative Coach Perspective

I also believe that everybody has creativity inside them, even if they believe otherwise, and it might just take a creativity coach like myself to help them find. The creative world is something that you own and I want everyone to know that education and creativity will help them get to anywhere they want to go in life. If you explore, allowing creativity to expand in your hearts and minds, you can achieve wonderful things for yourself and your family.

Education can happen via people around you or by travelling, by reading or simply by being curious enough to look something up on Google. Learning doesn’t have to be boring or happen only in schools.

Creativity During COVID

The Coronavirus lockdowns were the perfect example of how creativity naturally seeped out of all of us and was essential to our collective recovery.

Look at what happened in lockdown, whether you lived in a huge house or a tiny apartment, people were baking, they were dancing, they were gardening, making TikToks, sculpting their bodies at home gyms, drawing and rethinking their life choices. We were locked down and cooped up and it was creativity that saved us.

There was a shift in the usual patterns, a changing around of energy and the ability to embrace that change.

Years ago, not long after giving birth to baby daughter Isabella, I suffered a massive brain aneurysm, which left me in a coma.

The odds were terrible. Around three in five people who have a subarachnoid haemorrhage die within two weeks, and half of those who do survive come out the other side with severe brain damage and disability.

I had to teach myself how to speak again, how to hold a knife and fork, how to play my beloved piano then read music again.

The doctors knew I was starting to recover when they saw I was reacting to music being played to me in the hospital. I couldn’t even talk yet but I was moving my fingers and pretending to play the piano.

It took me three months to be able to look at an object and give it its correct name. And it was patience and perseverance that got me through.

My approach was to learn something and then stop. Then master that. Then learn something else, then stop.

It is this powerful lesson of grace, patience and revelling in small victories that I now instil in my clients. People still come to me for vocal training, but many also come to find out how they can fulfil their potential or realise the buried creativity within themselves.

Most recently, I am involved in The Arts as a campaigner and advisor.

I have begun working with the V&A and also, I am a patron of Speakers for Schools.

In my spare time, I read and follow political courses from universities such as Oxford University Further Education as I would love to help shape government policy to make creativity a superpower for all young people.


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