International Vocal & Performance Coach

CeCe Sammy-Lightfoot is a classically trained musician and an esteemed vocal and performance coach known worldwide. Her career launched as a backing singer for Diana Ross and has evolved into a distinguished role where she mentors and inspires using her extensive experience with industry leaders like the BBC, Paramount, Warner Bros, and Universal.

Early Inspirations and Career Foundations

Originally from Trinidad, the heartland of vibrant carnival and soca music, CeCe’s passion for music was ignited by Liberace’s flamboyant performances. This early inspiration led her to immerse herself in classical music, mastering the piano from a young age. At 14, she relocated to London with her family, where she attended the London College of Music, embodying her mother’s ethos of striving for excellence in all endeavours.

Established Authority in Music and Television

Often referred to as “The UK’s Vocal Whizz,” CeCe has made her mark in the UK and Los Angeles over a 29-year span. Her expertise is highly sought after in various capacities, whether as a chairperson for the UK Jury of Eurovision or as the series head vocal coach for major BBC entertainment programmes like ‘Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief’ and ‘All Together Now’. Her influence extends to international stages, such as the Grammy Awards, American Idol and the American Music Awards, where she has played a pivotal role in preparing performers for global audiences.

Film and Broader Cultural Contributions

CeCe’s expertise also spans the film industry, where she has collaborated with renowned actors and directors, including Idris Elba and Gurinder Chadha, for major studios such as HBO, Warner Brothers, and Paramount Pictures. Her commitment to cultural development is further evidenced by her role as a patron for the V&A Museum and her advisory contributions to the Music Relief Foundation, which supports young talent in disadvantaged communities.

Advocacy and Educational Initiatives

Following a significant personal health challenge, a massive brain aneurysm, CeCe redefined her mission to foster potential and uncover innate talent in others. Her philosophy extends beyond the arts, advocating that all individuals possess untapped creative potential regardless of their professional field. Her educational outreach, supported by initiatives like Speakers for Schools, highlights her belief in transformative education and personal growth as accessible to all.

Recent Works and Future Directions

CeCe Sammy-Lightfoot continues to enrich the world of vocal and performance coaching with her innovative contributions. Following the success of her book, “If You Can Speak, You Can Sing,” CeCe launched the “Hack Your Voice” ebook, now available on her website, offering actionable insights into mastering vocal techniques. This endeavour underscores her commitment to making expert guidance accessible to a broader audience.

Currently, CeCe is engrossed in her upcoming book, “Unleash Your Creativity,” where she explores the transformative power of creativity through interviews with diverse individuals. This project reflects her deep belief in creativity as a pivotal force in personal and professional development. Additionally, CeCe is intensifying her focus on the interplay between mental health and the arts. She champions singing and music as therapeutic tools, advocating for their integration into wellness strategies to bolster mental well-being.

Her influence extends beyond the music industry as she remains an active patron of the V&A Museum, contributing to initiatives that promote cultural enrichment and education. Furthermore, CeCe is set to appear in a forthcoming show, bringing her charismatic expertise to a wider audience through this new medium.

CeCe also broadens her educational outreach by conducting seminars, webinars, and masterclasses at prestigious institutions. These sessions focus on performance coaching and presentation skills, emphasising the importance of effective communication in professional settings.

Looking ahead, CeCe is excited to deepen her impact as a celebrity vocal and performance coach. She continues to work with artists worldwide, helping them harness their potential and captivate global audiences. Through these diverse projects, CeCe Sammy-Lightfoot is shaping the future of performance coaching and is also a pivotal figure in using the arts as a conduit for broader societal change.


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