Debate and public speaking

What is the Debating & Public Speaking Masterclass?


Delivering speeches to groups, both small and large, is a daunting task, even for politicians, business people, and celebrities. My ‘Debating & Public Speaking’ masterclass alleviates your public speaking fears by teaching you vocal techniques focusing on vocal projection, articulation, and breath control. This enables you to speak confidently in public settings, such as; debates, speeches, and presentations.

Who is this masterclass for?


This masterclass is for professionals such as politicians, business people, and celebrities looking to manage public speaking fears and improve their ability at speaking and performing in front of small and large crowds.

Debating & Public Speaking will help you…


  • Speak confidently in public
  • Convey your position effectively
  • Learn appropriate body language & non-verbal communication
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Cope with opposing opinions
  • Believe in your abilities
  • Presenting a persuasive argument
  • Enhance your vocal projection, articulation & breath control
Public speaking

Who is CeCe Sammy Lightfoot?


“I have helped public speakers, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, lawyers, MPs and performing artists, amongst others, to speak, sing and perform more confidently and reach their potential to communicate, persuade and entertain.”

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