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What is the Vocal Coaching for Corporates Masterclass?


The ‘Vocal Coaching for Corporates’ masterclass utilises a combination of crucial lessons and a custom training plan developed over decades of performance coaching to assist your team in becoming effective communicators when presenting or speaking publicly.

Who is this masterclass for?


For all those in corporate roles that are regularly required to present or speak in public settings, this masterclass is for you. Being an effective speaker is essential in corporate companies; a skill that comes from formal coaching and practice.

The Vocal Coaching for Corporates Masterclass will help you:


  • Speak confidently in public
  • Convey your position effectively
  • Learn appropriate body language & non-verbal communication
  • Cope with opposing opinions
  • Presenting a persuasive argument
  • Learn to prepare yourself for speaking engagements
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Starting my career as a backing singer for Diana Ross, I quickly made a name for myself and ignited my passion for the power of creativity to transform lives. My unique approach and passion for vocal training earned me my reputation in this field.

I have auditioned people from many well-known music television shows in both UK, Los Angeles, and New York and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. Now it is good to give masterclasses for groups as we are in this digital, fast-paced world”

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