What is Performance Coaching Masterclass?


One of the most important components to achieving success in public performances is mastering the art of stage presence. The ‘Performance Coaching’ masterclass aims to teach experienced professionals advanced body language and vocal delivery techniques to level up your performances.

Who is this masterclass for?


The ‘Performance Coaching’ masterclass, delivered my team and I, is perfect for experienced professionals looking to level up their stage presence to improve their marketability and ability at securing roles.

The Performance Masterclass will help you:


  • Gain strong comprehension of the crucial components of effective stage presence
  • Understand the techniques employed to keep audiences engaged
  • Define who you are as a performer
  • Learn effective vocal, speech and body language skills to use in your performances
  • Learn how to add interactive layers to your performance

Starting my career as a backing singer for Diana Ross, I quickly made a name for myself and ignited my passion for the power of creativity to transform lives. My unique approach and passion for vocal training earned me my reputation in this field.

I have auditioned people from many well-known music television shows in both UK, Los Angeles, and New York and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. Now it is good to give masterclasses for groups as we are in this digital, fast-paced world

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