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What is the Musical Therapy Technique Masterclass?


Music uniquely affects everyone. My Music Therapy masterclass utilises this connection to help positive change in physical and emotional well-being. The course helps develop communication skills, encourage independence, and further self-awareness and awareness of others.

Who is this masterclass for?


In collaboration with leading psychologist Dr Kairen Cullen, we have curated a masterclass that uses our innate connection with music to help those affected by injury, illness, disability, and mental health issues to improve their verbal communication skills.

Musical Therapy Techniques will help you…


  • Find motivation and inspiration
  • Learn techniques to effectively de-stress yourself
  • Improve self-confidence and self-belief
  • Boost your overall mood and emotional state
Music therapy technique

Who is CeCe Sammy Lightfoot?


“I have advocated for the use of musical therapy techniques to help people overcome adversity, stemming from my recovery from a brain aneurysm, which left me unable to speak or breathe independently. I believe music played a vital role in my recovery. While recuperating in the hospital, I saw a direct correlation between music and an increase in my mental and physical health.”

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