celebrity vocal coaching

What is the Celebrity Vocal Coaching course?


The ‘Celebrity Vocal Coaching’ is highly bespoke, with each lesson tailor-made to meet your unique requirements. Whether that be improving your overall voice performance or growing your confidence when performing, this course will provide you with advice and guidance on performing your best.

Who is this course for?


Are you a celebrity struggling with vocal problems or would like to level up in your profession? If so, this course will alleviate your fears and improve your performing ability. Your privacy is fundamentally important to me, so you attending this course will remain confidential.

Celebrity Vocal Coaching will help you…


  • Learn how to keep your voice healthy
  • Sing confidently in public spaces
  • Gain deep understanding into a wide range of vocal techniques
celebrity vocal coaching

Who is CeCe Sammy Lightfoot?


“I am a classically trained musician and one of the world’s leading vocal and performance coaches. I have worked with manager Frank DiLeo (Michael Jackson’s manager). I have worked with countless A-List artists and actors and I quickly made a name for myself, advising managers and music consultants as well as companies on the importance of speech and communication with their clients. My unique approach and passion for vocal training earned me my reputation in this field.”