Recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to appear on a special edition of BBC 1’s show, “Pointless Celebrities.” As a vocal coach, I’m accustomed to guiding others to sing, but this exciting twist brought fun, laughter, and some unexpected surprises to my journey.


During the show, I wholeheartedly embraced the joyous atmosphere. At one point, in a playful exchange, I cheekily suggested to the presenter that I’d give him free singing lessons in return for the quiz answers. Little did I know that he is already an accomplished singer with an impressive album sales record under his belt! That sure gave everyone, including me, a good laugh!


Reflecting on my career as a vocal coach, I realise that this experience mirrored a crucial part of my teaching philosophy. I believe in the power of forming engaging, versatile relationships, just as I did with the presenter. I tailor my teaching approach to each student’s needs, and this event underlined the importance of adaptability and communication skills.

Participating in “Pointless Celebrities” wasn’t just a fun diversion – it reminded me how valuable these skills are in my coaching sessions. I approach each new musical challenge with my students with the same mix of fun, persistence, and creativity that I brought to the quiz show. Ultimately, it’s not just about the singing but the journey and the connections we make along the way.