Music is a realm of passion, expression, and unending enthusiasm. This narrative got another brilliant stroke of colour when I was invited to BBC One’s Eurovision 2023 countdown show, “Everyone’s a Winner.” An event of considerable magnitude, it celebrated the irresistible allure of music and the powerful sense of unity it brings to the global audience.


Hosted by the charismatic Fleur East, the show focused on a panel of Eurovision aficionados. Together, we celebrated and discussed 20 notable songs from the Eurovision Song Contest that, although they may not have won the coveted crown, have nonetheless found a permanent place in the hearts of millions worldwide. This spectacular event was a testament to the power of music to transcend borders, connecting people from all walks of life through shared melodies and rhythms.

The live show, aired on Friday, 12th May at 7:30 pm on BBC One, was a beautiful amalgamation of joy, nostalgia, and memorable music. It evoked warm reminiscences of some of the greatest hits from the Eurovision Song Contest, capturing a unique blend of excitement and anticipation that Eurovision is universally known for.

Later, I expressed my gratitude to BBC One for this unique opportunity to participate in such a meaningful event. Acknowledging the hard work of everyone involved in the show, I emphasised the integral role of every team member in creating this magical celebration of music.


The Eurovision 2023 countdown show “Everyone’s A Winner” embodies the saying, “It’s not always about winning; it’s about the journey and the impact you make.” This aligns seamlessly with my vocal coach’s career ethos. As a vocal coach, I understand that a song’s power and its artist’s success do not merely lie in winning accolades but also in the ability to touch hearts and resonate with audiences.

Just as the featured songs at the countdown show have left indelible impressions despite not claiming the top spot, I strive to guide my students to find their unique voices and leave a lasting impact, transcending the boundaries of competitions and awards. Thus, my participation in this show reflects a milestone in my career and the essence of my approach to music and vocal coaching.