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Unlock Your Singing Potential: How Singing Techniques Can Transform Your Voice

Learning a proper singing technique can have a transformative impact on your voice in various ways. Many people believe that learning from a singing coach is only necessary if you are having a vocal problem. However, this is not true! Singing techniques are actually useful for everyone.

I want to break down some myths by sharing with you a few facts about why a singing technique is so important for everyone.


My Research and Observation for many years:

Some voices are in need of a vocal warm-up, whilst other voices are in recovery from a vocal problem such as nodules. Some will need rehabilitation from over-tiredness and long tours with endless hours of work and late nights of talking to people. As well as singers, I have also spoken with speakers who had lost their voice, but they could not seem to understand why a singing technique was needed as they did not sing. I explained to them that their voice is constantly in use whenever they speak, one word or 1-hour speech! This realization often leads to a shift in their mindset.

The countless stories of transformation I’ve witnessed in people from all walks of life have fuelled my passion to share the importance of vocal technique in everyday life.

Think about it! we converse with people from different countries and cultures and we constantly need to use our voices in different ways.

Let’s look at some facts about singing techniques that apply to everyone:


Singing Technique – Facts for Everyone:

Fact 1: You can discover range, flexibility and versatility in your voice that you never knew you had. (This applies to speakers as well as singers).

Fact 2: Anyone’s voice – whether you are a singer or not – can benefit from vocal exercises to improve diction, tone and speed.


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Hack Your Voice


Fact 3: The exercises differ according to the area that needs to be addressed, and as a result, your bespoke technique will help you to avoid things such as vocal exertion, which can then lead to mental exertion.

 Fact 4: Singing exercises can help our posture.  They address the tightness of our jaw, lips and our neck area which are very important to how we hold ourselves.

Fact 5: We all have different types of ranges – whether we sing or speak. For instance, soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone, and bass. In understanding our “comfortable, individual range” the quality in our voice becomes much better as well as the pitch and pace.



In conclusion, the benefits are real whoever you are, so ensure you find a vocal coach to connect with and let them put you on a daily vocal workout that focuses on a singing technique which addresses what you need.

Unlock your singing potential and begin to see how singing techniques can transform your life!