How Can Your Voice Help You?


“Step out of your comfort zone and overcome your fears with the power of your voice” – CeCe Sammy Lightfoot


Many people can come across as being confident and extroverted yet deep inside that person can have a feeling of fear and anxiety about doing certain things in their lives when speaking to a person or a group of people. Unfortunately, other people will bury their fear deeply in their hearts until something happens in their life, and then at some point, often when they least expect it, the fear shows itself and they don’t know how to cope with it. Emotionally and mentally, they end up in a crisis.

Lastly, some people will acknowledge that they have a fear but try to avoid how to learn strategies to overcome their fear.

After years of working with professional singers, public speakers and business managers, many of them have kindly sent me letters, texts and emails saying “thank you” and how the steps that I have used with them are something that they still use in their lives. As such, I would like to share some of these 5 simple steps with you and I hope it will encourage you too.


“Say goodbye to “fear” and “hello” to a brighter future” – CeCe Sammy Lightfoot


5 Steps To Make Your Voice Help You


1) Acknowledgement: Everyone experiences a form of “fear” in their lives. It could be a fear to see a dentist, being in a small space, spiders, public speaking, or singing in front of an audience – it could be rational or irrational but it is a feeling that we all face and should learn how to deal with that fear healthily. Fear is an emotion that causes a sense of danger, alarm and worry. Some psychologists will sometimes mention four categories of fear that people generally experience. Fight fearFreeze FearFaint Fear or Flee fear. I will not delve into the details of these categories; instead, I want you to acknowledge that you face this like many other people but in different ways. Say out loud: “It is not only me but I will overcome this fear.”


2) Make another physical manifestation by writing your fear down on a piece of paper as part of your diary. Do not censor what you write. After you write it, read it out loud to yourself and listen to your voice. You must then add the phrase at the end “I will overcome this fear”. Say it in a clear way emphasising each word.


3) Now close your eyes and take a breath in deeply and release the air slowly as well in a relaxed way of breathing. The goal of my mindset is that you take control of your fear and articulately use your voice so that you can move forward despite the past.


4) Then open your eyes, immediately, rip up the paper and throw it away as an act of throwing your fear away and say that “I am making a new start.”


5) Say another positive phrase to yourself saying “ I choose to move past that fear” and “I will face this fear step by step and not be bound by it”. This may all seem silly and childish in many ways, but in fact, it allows you through your voice to give yourself a message of possibility and hope in moving past that fear.


By doing these basic, simple steps, you are being truthful with yourself about your fear. You are not hiding it or denying it, but instead, you are including the power of the voice in a positive, active change in your life. Remember, finding your voice empowers us and helps us to take small steps daily to say goodbye to “fear” and “hello” to a brighter future. Your voice can always help you!