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By CeCe Sammy Lightfoot

Hack Your Voice

Vocal Athletes

Like an athlete, a top-class singer, or vocal athlete, is trying to get the best out of their body. This requires discipline, focus and training. If you want to take your voice to its highest level of performance, this lesson is for you.


A big part of being a vocal coach is being a performance coach; my vocal advice for interviews addresses how an interview is one form of high-pressure performance aimed at communicating who you really are and why you are an excellent candidate.


One of the biggest challenges in many when preparing for auditions is that you have to demonstrate your creativity and be extroverted; but if you are a person who gets nervous or stressed in these situations; and if you naturally tend to be an introvert, it can cause you to freeze in a situation and not get the job.

Virtual Meetings

The world has changed in the last 2 years and whilst we all hope that 2022 will bring an end to the pandemic, we must face the fact that working from home has increased and is a reality that is here to stay.

Public Speaking

Human relationships can be complicated, whether it is between a mother and child, a working environment or a first date.

First Dates

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of mental health, public speaking ranked as the number one fear, even over death, for over 75 per cent of people.

Executive Presence

In this lesson, I help you become confident communicators with a heightened professional image to unlock your full potential. This lesson is about using silence and volume to enhance executive presence.

Compassion & Authority

Our voices have the potential to serve as instruments of authority and compassion. In parenting and all other relationships, the tone of our voice can communicate more than just what we say.


Partners & Clients